Monday, January 25, 2016

Lumia 950xl , Excellent hardware and UI but somewhat irritated by hanging of some of the functionalities

Have been using Microsoft Lumia 950xl for about a month now. Since receiving it for the first time, have seen quite a few changes in the behavior of the phone. When I received it, it was getting hot but after receiving a software update, it is not so much heated now even after using it for quite some time, sometimes 2 hours at one shot. The UI looks great and color also looks nice. Also, I like the performance of apps and windows mobile 10 OS overall.

The only problem with which I am frustrated sometimes is hanging of the os at critical moment. Since, it is a full fledged os (windows mobile 10 with lumia 950xl), it is expected to function normally with basic operations. But it has happened for at least 3-4 times in the last month, when I need the phone and while unlocking the phone hangs. Then I have to keep the power button pressed for about 10 seconds and wait for it to be restarted. I thinks there is some problem when the phone is doing your iris scan and the same time I am typing in the key. Also , windows halo authentication also needs to be consistent. Sometimes it unlocks the screen using iris scan in pitch dark and sometimes in broad daylight also, it keeps saying come closer :(.

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